Jeff says thank you...

L-r: Jeff and friends Brian ‘Shut’ Wallace (first timer) and Helwig ‘Nacimento’ Stewart at the 2016 Gathering of Friends, Palm Bay, Florida.

For attending the gathering of the old friends 2016 edition....

Dear Friends,

Leonie and I wish to thank you all for a wonderful weekend (April 22-24), in Palm Bay, Florida.  The gathering of old friends 2016, was wicked. Once again, all our expectations were surpassed . Your presence here truly exemplified the power of friendship. "Mi neva see so much sumile eena mi life"

Thank you for taking care of your financial obligations for the Brunch. Big thank you to all who made in kind contributions, Banga for the Jerk Pork, "Yu cyaan convince me seh yu nuh eat pork! Skip for the curry goat, wicked as usual, Jennifer Mac for the oxtail and the jerk chicken, scrumptuous,.

The Cooking Crew (CC) led by the one and only chef Tepe,,Leonie, Sandra, Nids, Lady G and Marjorie, Sue, Sandy et al, the creations were tasty and well received. Donna and Teran for the hmmmmm tasty Conch fritters. Sammy and Vanessa for the wicked dry rub ribs and LOL "fi de Cooler weh oonuh drive off and leff, we will keep it safe ‘til oonuh come again. Thanks for all the cakes and bun and cheese and nuts.

‘Scabba’ for the engineering works with the stove and bug zapper and the sink drain., All those who made their liquor contributions, thank you.  Next year, we haffi get some more white run and a bottle of "Jancrok" The liquor was almost completely consumed, the left overs will be donated to my non profit for sale at our Mother's Day dinner on May 7, 2016.

‘Big up’ all the servers who reduced the wait time for food to be served . The clean-up crew who helped with getting the place ready each day. Cheese, Striker, Morgie and Humpty, thank you. To the music men cheese and Striker, the selections made the weekend more special. And special thanks to Cheese for playing the entire Saturday night party and helping to erect the tent.

To my old faithful final clean-up crew of Barry, Sandra and Helwig. Thanks. You guys really helped me a lot. Sandy, ‘mi neva see anybody scrub big pot so, lawd misses, yuh good and wi thank yuh’.

To all those who ran the little errands to get cups and utencils to make everybody happy, we thank you. The efforts of all who attended, made the weekend what it was. Without the help of so many of you, we could never accomplish what we have for the last 8 years.

Thanks for the laughter, even when it was at someone’s expense , Clearly, friends can "laff afta one a nedda". Thanks for the good behaviour. We need fi buy Tepe a watch fi mek him come early next year!

To the first timers, we hope we met your expectations and you will continue to come in the future and play a significant role as well.

Big thank you for the caterers who prepared a great breakfast on both days. ‘Dem short wi pon the porridge, though’.

Thanks to those who could not attend but still felt compelled to send their contributions. Lance Gibbs  and Tony Barrett, thanks for the Escoveitched Fish and the Tru Juice products.

Thanks for the gifts that Leonie and I received and the lovely pictures of the event circulated thus far.

A big thank you to our presenters Greg Charlot of Foresters for the valuable info regarding Soc Sec, Norma Lettman for her Diabetes presentation, albeit on short notice, and finally, to Joan Hamilton-Marsh for once again opening our eyes, allowing us to see inside ourselves and helping find out who and what we are.

Last but not lease, to Mike Dixon for taking to his new nickname so well and for reminding us how sweet Ska music is and what it means to be young. Thanks "SkaBelly", and thanks Cecelia for allowing Skabelly to ‘cut loose’.

If we missed anyone's significant contribution and donations, please forgive us, if we did not get to spend some personal time with you, please understand.

Finally, we collected $1300.00 toward the scholarship, however, that will not be the final tally as we received some pledges that have not yet been fulfilled. We will notify you all later of the scholarship recipient and the final amount collected and of the delivery of the funds to CC at the beginning of the next (2016-2017) school year in September. For those who made pledges, please send you donation payable by cheque to; Jeffrey McLeod. The address is; 729 Bautzen Ave, NW Palm Bay, FL 32907.

Additionally, please pass this info to any other ‘old boy’ who was unable to attend and who may want to donate to the scholarship, we are still $950 short of our goal of $2250 for two (2) Scholarships.

To brother Wes, Garrett Morant and Hazel,special thanks for hosting so many of our guests (14). We really appreciate you opening your homes to strangers and friends alike. That is truly what the gathering is all about.

One caution, Palm Bay is becoming a metropolis, so please mek oonuh hotel reservations early to avoid the higher prices. ‘De one Striker mek fi him own areaddy’.

Thank you, thank you. As always, it was our pleasure. Live and be well. "CC Fi Life" 

Finally, to the wifey for holding it all together and for showing such calm and patience during the weekend. Thanks Len.

See you next year,God’s willing.

Jeff & Leonie McLeod

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L-r: Jeff and friends Brian ‘Shut’ Wallace (first timer) and Helwig ‘Nacimento’ Stewart at the 2016 Gathering of Friends, Palm Bay, Florida.

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