Remembering Our Fellow Members

May their souls rest in peace (RIP), and the affected families find solace in knowing that they touched the lives of many on and off campus.

The Cornwall College Alumni Association of South Florida would like to take the opportunity to remember Cornwallians and those affiliated with the school, who have passed away. We acknowledge each affected family and hope that this remembrance does not renew sadness but helps to provide comfort, knowing that we also grieve with you in your loss.

Words cannot express how much we all them. Lets honor their memories with each passing day. Lets also resolve to cherish our delicate lives, cherish our family, friends and loves ones. As we remain ravaged by a cruel pandemic, whenever possible lets try to enjoy our time with friends and loves ones. Celebrate life. It is truly too short. Live in love, goodwill and peace.



Lawrence “Junie” Duhaney – May 2020

Donnovan Maginley

Colin Frankson – 2017

Sydney Clarke – April 2016

Junior Chin – March 2016

Getachew Marisehazen

George Thomas

Daryl King

Robert Mckenzie

Probyn Robinson

Donovan James

Lance Rhoden

Anthony Winkler

Kent Lawrence

Christopher Clayton

Hugh ‘Ghuttu’ Russell


Earl Gordon

Victor Clarke

Lincoln Stewart

Mark Beckford

Davian Harvey

Hiram Foster

Charlie Lai

Jason Abreu

Cedric Murray

William Burnett

Courtney Fletcher

Owen Minott


Friends of Cornwall College

Mr. Patrick James Bell (Former Maths Teacher)

Mrs. Daley – (Wife of Sportsmaster Mr. Daley)

Mr. Owen Scarlett, Sr. (Father of Owen ‘Scabba’ Scarlett)

Daphne M. Klepper

Kenneth Ricardo Braham

Kerry-Ann Turner-Dorman

Karl Haughton

Hyacinth Forde – Teacher

Headley Palmer – Teacher