Bathroom Project

Bathroom Project


Cornwall College is the premier high school institution in Montego Bay, however in recent years the school has experienced some level of degradation to its core bathroom infrastructure.  To address this issue, the Cornwall College community has donated towards the rebuilding effort via a GoFundMe campaign launched by the South Florida Chapter in November of 2018. The goal is to deliver quality and adequate bathroom facilities that meet the current capacity requirements for our growing student population.


Renovate the existing bathroom facilities at Cornwall College and expand where needed to meet the capacity requirements of the student population.

Success factors & deliverables

  • Construct durable bathroom facilities to match the high traffic requirements
  • Increase bathroom count to match required capacity ratios
  • Provide financial accountability to the donors
  • Provide visibility and transparency throughout the various project stages
  • Deliver project in an acceptable timeframe
  • Deliver project within the budget
  • Provide adequate security measures to prevent theft once completed
  • Work with the school to establish policies and operating procedures to handle vandalism
  • Work with the school to establish maintenance plan for day to day operations
  • Meet all necessary ADA and other local compliance requirements
  • Align project with CC master plan

Project Scope:

Phase 1 – Ninth (9th) Grade Block. (Upper and Lower)

Phase 2 – Pending feedback from the CC Master Plan

Project Estimates:

Funding for the Cornwall College bathroom renovation project was primarily obtained from donations by the general CC community. The project cost was ~ $50,000 US

Project Team

The core project team consist of a combined effort from both the South Florida and the Montego Bay chapter members. All efforts are 100% volunteer.

Name                                Chapters / Affiliates                  
Kimani Phillips South Florida
Warren Bloise South Florida
Patrick Green South Florida
Orville Denton South Florida
Garth Brown Montego Bay
Kevin Rosegreen Montego Bay
Rudal MacFarlane Montego Bay

Project Schedule & Timeline:

The project was completed in early September of 2019 and in time to facilitate the commencement of classes for the 2019 Fall (September) semester. Special thanks to our donors, the project team and to all the stakeholders who participated and made the project the success that it has been.