Dinner Dance Cancellation

Dinner Dance Cancellation

Dear Cornwall College Family, 

You have been among our biggest supporters throughout the years and it has been your efforts that have helped us to improve the lives of thousands of young men at our alma mater.

This is our main reason for writing you during a pandemic that has changed the trajectory of how we do business going forward.

Regrettably, we are forced to cancel our annual Dinner Dance and Fundraiser, staged for the last 25 years during November. As painful as this was, we have no doubt that we have made the right decision.

In 25 years we have provided scholarships and supported school feeding programs for underprivileged youngsters deserving of the best education; refurbished classrooms and laboratories that have enhanced the school’s ability to a deliver first-class education; modernized the football field and enriched sports programs that have turned out many stars; and upgraded bathroom facilities to modern standards.

This is just a miniscule representation of the intervention that Cornwallians at the South Florida Chapter have embarked on in making a difference to lives in Jamaica.

Undoubtedly, this is not the time for us to give up.

Having first-hand knowledge of the tremendous hardships created by this pandemic, our help is even more imperative. We will continue to work at transforming young Jamaican men and invite you to stay tuned for initiatives to be implemented over the next few weeks that we will seek your assistance with.

Our sincerest thanks to you for making the sacrifices you have made over the years and we look forward to the days we will be able to mingle, dance and even hug in a ballroom.


Phillip Wallace