GoFundMe Covid Campaign!!

Our Cornwall College Boys Need Your Help!

Cornwall College is the third oldest high school in Western Jamaica, delivering a rich academic and co-curricular experience while nurturing aspirations in our young Jamaican men to make a positive difference in the world.

The Cornwall College Alumni Association in South Florida over the years has been able to provide well-needed support to the school, as well as the children and their families through scholarships, donations of supplies and equipment and modernizing the school’s facilities.

We need your help!

The advent of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has accentuated and exacerbated the numerous financial constraints the students and parents of Cornwall College already grapple with while crushing the Alumni’s calendar fundraising events. Our young men who depend on programs like PATH or the school’s welfare programs are now helpless and without even a daily meal, worsened by breadwinners facing pay-cuts and loss of jobs. Additionally, some are in danger of physical, verbal, and other abuse, being more vulnerable at home.

The school is also moving towards online teaching while the majority of the students are without suitable electronic devices. Our young men need your help more than ever!

Give now and give our young men a chance.

Be the secret hero these young men need to develop the capacity to bring a positive change to their communities and the world. Your gift of any amount will help provide food supplies, electronic equipment, and well-being to children and their families.

We encourage you to impact a child’s life today.

Thank you for your donation and for helping us get the word out by sharing the following link! https://www.gofundme.com/f/covidreliefcc