Message From The President

Message From The President

South Florida Nov, 2019 – I consider it a great privilege to serve this organization as President. Thanks to the Immediate Past President, Mr Egbert Clarke and the outgoing board for the stellar work in making the organization as successful as it has been.   This year marks the 25th Anniversary for the chapter.   As we salute the founding members we need to spare no effort towards making this our most successful year to date as a chapter.  Lets resolve to have a very special and memorable year and lay the foundation for many more successful years in the future.

The new executive will seek to continue the efforts to the build association and to galvanize the support of all constituents to achieve even more success. Our strength over the years has been rooted in our continuity.  However there are tremendous opportunities to explore new ideas and approaches to further transform our chapter in an effort to realize our mission.  We will also seek to establish synergies and align programs with the other alumni chapters for even greater impact regarding the many challenges facing Cornwall College.

As president, I am proposing the following list of strategic initiatives for adoption by the new executive that will serve to guide our actions going forward.

  • Lead implementation of bathroom renovation project
  • Expand and highlight scholarship programs for increased awareness and visibility
  • Enhance strategic approach to membership via out-reach programs seeking to target and leverage specific skill sets and influences
  • Support the CC Foundations to align/unify strategic objectives across all alumni associations
  • Identify priority infrastructure and other projects for the school that requires funding & support
  • Leverage innovative approaches that enable scalable fundraising operations
  • Maintain visibility in the community through partnership with local charities
  • Develop and implement global alumni merchandising strategy
  • Improve and expand our image in all social media
  • Revisit feasibility of solar project and work towards implementing if feasible

These initiatives will serve as a platform for more detailed discussions and planning as we seek to execute various programs.

I urge all members to display even more commitment, dedication and vibrance as we embark on the massive task of rebuilding Cornwall College.

If you are not yet a member please do not hesitate to join us. With your involvement and assistance we will be able convert challenges into opportunities and accomplish greater success in developing young minds into men of might.

Phillip Wallace