CCAA - Scholarship Application



To provide financial support to students aimed at encouraging and promoting academic excellence in support of the Cornwall College Alumni Association’s (CCAA) vision to perpetuate the heritage of Cornwall College as a top 10 Jamaican high school.


  • To promote academic excellence
  • To pursue funding sources necessary to provide an impactful scholarship program at Cornwall College
  • Ensure efficient selection of recipients and distribution of funding to qualified students
  • Provide mentorship to enhance the success of scholarship recipients throughout the program

Who's Eligible

  • Student whose conduct meets school requirement
  • Student that demonstrate a financial need
  • Minimum 80 percent Year Average per transcript
  • Grade Point Average greater or equal to 3.2
  • Enrolled at Cornwall College for at least a year prior to the award of the scholarship
  • Student who is not a current recipient of another scholarship

The application process will be managed by the CCAA scholarship team in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the CCAA Scholarship Program.

How to Apply

Important Dates

      • July 17: Advertise the availability of scholarships
      • August 7: Deadline for applications (Extended to September 12th!!)
      • August 21: Complete the selection and notify recipients
      • September: Award ceremony (1st week of school)

Terms and Conditions

There shall be two (2) types of scholarships, renewable and non-renewable.

There shall be two (2) scholarships per class starting at 8th grade through 13th grade for a total of 12 awardees. Each scholarship will renew yearly for the maximum number of years enrolled at the institution and satisfy the criteria of the program.
If a scholarship awardee is withdrawn from the program, then another awardee will be selected at the same grade.

There shall be one-time scholarships. Each candidate will need to apply for successive years.

Individual award amount: Maximum $1,000 USD.

Eligible recipients must be current students of Cornwall College.

All expenses covered by the scholarship must be academic-related. Qualified expenses are tuition and fees required for enrollment, or fees, books, uniform, supplies and equipment required for courses at Cornwall College. Other allowed expense items are the cost of tutoring, transportation to and from school, lunch and computer devices for distance learning and homework purposes.

The family members of the CCAA officers, directors, and major donors may apply for a scholarship but there shall be no preferential treatment for the selection for an award. No CCAA member should benefit privately from the selection of a scholarship awardee.

Scholarship team members are responsible for disclosing any relationships (family or friend) with potential scholarship awardees or applicants and will automatically be excluded from the selection process and any decisions for that applicant to prevent a perception of bias.

To remain a qualified scholarship fund, the donor must adhere to the rules as specified in this scholarship plan and IRS 501c3 standards for scholarships.

Scholarship awards must be made on a nondiscriminatory basis. Any funds raised or earmarked for the scholarship fund must be used on scholarship awards or related costs to administer the scholarship to protect the non-profit status of the organization.

Record Collection and Retention

The following must be collected and kept securely for six (6) years from the date of the award.

      • All information related to the evaluation of applicants
      • Amount and purpose of each scholarship
      • Any follow-up information obtained in supervising awards
      • Copies of materials used to solicit contributions from donors


Notify other CCOBA chapters of award recipients to avoid a single recipient getting multiple awards.

Program Evaluation

      • Annual reviews and reporting to CCAA board.
      • Scholarship summary or newsletter each year


**Incomplete applications will not be processed


Maintaining a Scholarship

      1. Academic Performance
        GPA > 3.2
        Current Year Average >= 80
        Exam Average >= 80

      2. Conduct
        Minimally Good conduct

      3. Attendance
        Sessions Absent: Less than 5 per term
        Sessions Late: Less than 5 per term

      4. Financial Support
        The student candidate must not have a scholarship offer or currently the recipient for funding of any kind from another CCOBA chapter.
        Scholarships can be rescinded if a student fails to disclose any existing scholarships.

      5. Mentor Feedback
        The mentor feedback will be considered for renewal of the scholarship.

      6. School Progress Report
        Email term report at the end of the term to

      7. Student Progress Report
        Complete student progress update form at the link below.

        Click to submit progress update

      8. Satisfactory Performance
        Selection criteria must be met to receive an award for the next year.

      9. Disqualification
        Expulsion from school
        Selection Criteria not maintained throughout the term
        Conduct unbecoming of a good student

Contact Details

CCAA Scholarship Committee
Cornwall College Alumni Association
151 North Nob Hill Road
Plantation, FL 33324