Science Lab upgrade

Science Lab upgrade


The building that houses the Science Labs at Cornwall College is in need of repairs. For many years it has been neglected with little or no rehabilitative or restorative work done. The walls are in need of reinforcement. The Physics, Chemistry and Integrated Science Labs need to be retrofitted with modern workstations, white boards, interactive projectors, and instrumentation that will enable the delivery of modern 21 st century science education. Additionally, modern electrical re-wiring, proper ventilation and plumbing systems are required to improve and address safety and public health concerns.

The Labs have outlived their usefulness and for all practical purposes are in need of modernization. The physical plant that houses the Physics, Chemistry and Integrated Science Labs has fallen into a state of disrepair and is in need of urgent attention. The walls are falling apart and need to be renovated and reinforced. The electrical circuits as well as the plumbing and ventilation systems are also areas that need to be given priority. The entire skeletal structure of the Labs need to be retrofitted with work stations, fume stations, white boards, overhead projectors, as well as more modern instrumentation and teaching aids.

Cornwall College is reputed for its effervescent exploits in the field of Science, however the school has been handicapped for many years because of the poor quality and inadequacies of the Science Labs to facilitate experiments. As a result of the high usage of the plant and equipment there is increased stress on the resources making them inadequate for our usual excellence in producing top Science students, not only in Jamaica but throughout the Caribbean.

If we are going to regain and retain our vision of providing a school climate that promotes academic excellence in Science, that will prepare students to function effectively in a changing global 21st Century environment, our Science Labs must be modernized.


The South Florida chapter has over the years used funds derived from fundraising events to support various initiatives at Cornwall including scholarships, sports, the solar project, other initiatives to support teachers and school related activities. However, project-based fundraising commenced in 2018 with the Bathroom project and continued in 2019 with the Science Lab Renovation project. Project based funds are restricted to the particular purpose for which the funds were requested from donors. The Chapter therefore must reflect detailed accountability and transparency regarding the use of these funds for compliance with the 501c3 non-profit requirements as mandated by the IRS as well as to withstand scrutiny by donors regarding the prudent use of the funds. This type of accountability is observed generally by the Chapter but is particularly important given the restricted designation of project-based fundraising. The Science Lab Renovation project will therefore be executed with the same level of accountability and transparency and using the same methodology as the Bathroom Renovation project that was successfully completed in September of 2019.


  1. To renovate and modernize the Science Labs to enable students to more readily crystalize the theoretic aspects of their Science program through more frequent exposure to practical work in the areas of Physics, Chemistry and Integrated science.
  2. Equip the Lab facilities with the appropriate instrumentation to carry out research in a modern facility.
  3. Improve the structural integrity of the building for safety, comfort and an environment suitable for the delivery of Science based lessons.
  4. The Science Labs will be compliant with National and International standards as well as Public Health standards for the delivery of 21st Century education.

Success factors/Deliverables

  1. Provide students with modern instrumentation and other equipment to aid their projects and assignments.
  2. Improvement in the results for Integrated Science, Physics and Chemistry at both internal and external exams.
  3. Additional workstations to facilitate the growing need and increased number of students opting to do Science.
  4. Safe and secure Science Labs that is welcoming and conducive to teaching and learning.
  5. Adequate, sufficient and well-resourced building accommodation for the delivery of 21st century Science education.

Project Team

Name Chapter
Jhaun Bryan Montego Bay
Rudal McFarlane Montego Bay
Richard Meggo Montego Bay
Garth Brown Montego Bay
Phillip Wallace South Florida
Orville Denton South Florida
Kimani Phillips South Florida


Designated stakeholders will be the following

  • CCAA South Florida Executive
  • CCAA South Florida Donors
  • President of each chapter
  • School Administrative team (Principal)
  • Cornwall College School Board

Project Scope

The work for this project will be concentrated on the Chemistry Lab that is located downstairs of the Science Lab building. The building also houses the Physics Lab which is upstairs. The Physics Lab is also in need of renovation, however this work was not included in the current scope of this effort. The Integrated Science Lab is also outside the scope of this project.

The Science Lab Building is dedicated to a “Garth Taylor”, a renowed Physicist that attended Cornwall. There is a plaque on the building that reflects the name and he was honored by the Montego Bay Chapter at a Homecoming ceremony some years ago but he has since passed away. Inquiries will be made to locate Mr Taylor’s survivors in an effort to derive support and funding for the building. If this is successful the scope will be expanded to include the Physics Lab and perhaps the Integrated Science Lab. Also efforts will be pursued to appeal for additional funding from other chapters and prominent Cornwall physicians and other science based professional Cornwall Alumni. Again, should these efforts be successful, the scope will be expanded to include renovations for the Physics and Integrated Science Labs.

High Level Project Schedule

Project Cost Estimates

The initial high level estimates are as follows
Demolition/installation/construction/painting etc US$15,000 (approx.)
Material and Supplies US$15,500 (approx.)
Professional Services (donated) US$12,000 (approx.)
Total US$42,500 (approx.)


The South Florida Chapter through its project based fundraising has budgeted US$15,000 for the Science Lab project. This leaves a shortfall of approximately $15,500. The Kingston Chapter has confirmed that they will provide the funding to satisfy the shortfall:

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