Track Renovation and Improvements Project Scope

Track Renovation and Improvements Project Scope

Track and Field has historically been the proverbial forgotten child at Cornwall College. It is a known fact that the reputation of the School’s Sports Program lives on because of Football. As a result, most of the resources for infrastructure and sports program support is channeled into that discipline. It is now time to level the playing field.

The School Administration’s public adoption and proclamation /of the moniker, “Champs in Four,” highlights the institution’s intention to challenge for a top five placement at the ISSA Boys and Girls Athletic Championship by the year 2025. The school which boasts a 3rd placed finish in the 1960s is making a mass appeal to all its stakeholders to get on board in this seemingly, assumed “Impossible Mission.’

Reports of Student- Athletes suffering injuries from training on an uneven track are far too common and continue to restrict the program’s development. As a result, the School’s Sports Department is partnering with the various Old Boys/Alumni Associations and Year Groups to raise funds to do some renovations and improvements to the running track and jump pits. This represents the first phase of the “Champs in Four” effort COVID-19 has grinded school sports to a halt across the island, and has presented a grand and unique opportunity to get the work done now during this un-ceremonial pause.

Project Timeline:

Project is anticipated to start on March 1st, 2021 and run through till April 15th, 2021 (Contingent on funding).

Project Execution

1) Areas marked A,B, C on the image will be filled with a mixture of soil and washed sand to build up to desired surface height.
2) Running track will be rolled to compact the composites, for a level and even surface.
3) Surface will we watered and grass seeds planted
4) Field will be watered and fertilized to encourage desired grass growth.
5) Roller will be brought back in to roll the surface area to even and compact new growth.
6) Purchase and installation of “45 yards synthetic covering for long/triple jump runway”

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